Strength, Speed, Agility, Leadership

“Be an athlete everyday.”


Summer Director- Will Short

Counselors: Chris Mensen, Nora Austin, Cullen Berg, Ben Kissling, Tyler Storm, Jack Ryan and other Simley coaches.


REGISTRATION and Cost: $50 Register on FeePay. All students will receive a Spartan Mask ($7) and a Spartan Trained T-shirt ($10). Actual cost of summer training is $33.


June 15 -July 6- (M, T, , Th, F) 4 days a week.  Outdoor and online. PLT4M

July 6-Aug 7 (M, T, W, Th, F) 5 days a week. In the weight room.

 Grades: Students must be going into 8th-12th Grade.

COVID Regulations-Zoom Meeting: June 10th at 1PM. After you register you will be sent a link for this meeting. This meeting is mandatory for all students that sign up for Spartan Training.


Times: All students will be in a group (1 staff and 9 students). After the COVID Zoom meeting all students will select a time to train: 7:00-7:45AMAM —-8:00-8:45AM— 9:00-9:45AM —10:00-10:45AM—11:00AM-11:45AM—12:00-12:45PM—1:00-1:45PM—2:00PM-2:45PM—-6:00-6:45PM



What is it?

Strength Training: Students will get the most up to date strength training program designed to develop core strength and auxillary muscle groups.

Agility Training: Students will do exercises, cross fit routines and games that will improve their agility. (Female athletes will get prevention exercises for ACL tears)

Speed Training: Students will do speed drills that will build explosive power along with plyometrics and vertical jump improvements.

Spartan Training will be using a (online or in person) program called PLT4M. Details will be provided during the Zoom meeting on June 10th.


Spartan Trained T-Shirts: Black shirt challenge

Girls-400lbs-500lbs-600lbs and 700lbs club

Boys-700lbs-800lbs-900lbs and 1000lbs club