Spartans News · Ben Borchard AAA Award Winner Region 3AA….

Simley Senior Ben Borchard was recognized as the AAA award winner for Region 3AA. The AAA award is given to a student athlete that excels in Acadmics, the Arts, and Athletics

National Merit Scholar
AP Scholar with distinction
GPA 4.0

4 Years Simley Wind Ensemble-First Chair Trumpet
3 Years Simley Jazz Band
7 College-associated Honor Bands over the past 4 years.
12 Years Piano
4 Years guitar

Football 9th and 10th Grade

Cross Country 11th and 12th grade
2 year letter winner

Alpine Ski
4 Year Letter Winner

4 year letter winner
2017 MVP
3 x H.M. All Conference
In essay form and in 250 words or less please share how your involvement in the arts, athletics and academic has developed and promoted your growth beyond performance (being a better athlete, musician, student). How has your involvement developed you as a person?

The following is a short essay written by Ben Borchard:

Seek discomfort. This is the maxim by which I have started living my life and it the lesson that my involvement with music, athletics, and academics has taught me. Whether it be hurdling down slopes at 50 miles per hour or performing solos in front of judges, I have learned that pushing my limits is the only way to grow as a person. This growth is very evident when one looks at my personality. I used to be very shy and it took a lot to get more that a few words out of me, but activities like directing sectional practices in band and being an active participant in class discussions has helped me develop confidence in myself and my ability to lead. I have been fortunate enough to get the opportunity to carry this confidence over to other leadership positions in sports, band, and student organizations, which have helped me become much more outgoing and which, I hope, allow me to serve as a role model for other Simley students. Being involved in athletics, arts and academics has taught me to view challenges as opportunities to do something great. ln order to take advantage of these opportunities I strive to be the most supportive teammate and the most diligent worker I can be, knowing that giving anything less than my absolute best will not lead to success.