Boys Varsity Trapshooting · Team Captains – Remind Group for Trap Team


The Team Captains this year have setup a Remind group for the Trap Team.

The Remind App is a common used app in the high school for clubs to be able to communicate with members. It sends messages via text or though the app. The first message sent asks if you want to be included or not so so it voluntary and not required. This will be very useful for reminding people after long breaks there is shooting on Monday or for updates on weather. I am including everyone and when you get the first text you can choose to join or not. If we do not have your phone number and you want to be apart of it please email back and you will be added.

Here is a link to website if you want to learn more:

People can be added by phone number or you can add yourselves to the group by using this link.


Shawn Ockwig

Simley Trap Team Manager

Paul Tinucci

Simley Trap Team Head Coach