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The Simley “Spartan Trained” summer strength, agility, speed and footwork camp came to an end on Friday, August 11. Simley High School and IGH middle school had 181 students that began the summer program. The program met 5 days a week, for 8 weeks. Three days of a week the athletes were in a lifting program that isolated muscle groups to increase strength. The other two days of the week the athletes did a footwork day and agility training day.  The Spartan Trained program is for all Simley athletes that wanted to improve their athletic ability and get stronger.The program was led by Will Short, Chris Mensen, Jordan Whitsell, Andrew Ewing, Jack Ryan and Rex King.

123 athletes earned a Spartan Trained t-shirt. To earn a shirt an athlete needed to make 20 or more workouts.




61 athletes earned a letter for summer strength training. To letter each student needed to make 34 of the 40 workouts. For a complete list of students who lettered go back to the home page and enter the tab Spartan HQ and pull down to weight training. Or click below.

Andrew Bergum, Cooper Bollman and Ashley Lucio had perfect attendance for the summer.

Each athlete was tested in the Power Clean, Squat and the Bench. Athletes would add the total of the three lifts and get a three lift total number. Simley had 14 male athletes make the 700LBS club. 3 Females made the 400LBS club.

Freddy Rivera 700, Walker Smith 700, Quayin Short 700, Noah Roitman 700, DeSean Thompson 700, Wyatt Rogers 705, Jimmy Nguyen 705, James Royce 705,Devon Richards 725, Dan Hayes 725, Jake Binley 735, Jamie Warrick 745, Nolan Wanzek 775.

Megan O’Connor 425, Rheanna Deal 405, Emily Hageman 400


Four male athletes qualified for the 800LBS Club.

Max Lorence 805, John Mc Dermott 805, Peter Burkhartzmeyer 825, Jacob Hageman 850.


During the camp athletes could make an attempt to earn the Spartan trained “Elite” t-shirt. For a male athlete to earn this shirt the athlete would need to achieve the following:

20 pull ups, 30 dips, 25 inch vertical jump, 4.8 seconds or better-40 yard dash, 10 minute plank routine without touching their knee down. Run mile in under 6 minutes.

Female athletes would need to achieve:

10 pull ups, 20 dips, 20 inch vertical, 5.2 seconds in the 40 yard dash, 10 minute plank routine without touching their knee down, run a mile in under 6:30.

5 male athletes achieved the shirt: DeSean Thompson, Evan Johnson, Sam Montague, Devon Richards and Jacob Hageman.